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One of the leading political talk shows in Kenya, Cheche combines in-depth discussion of current events and issues with just enough divergence added to spur ...
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The Power Breakfast Show is a morning political talk show that helps set the agenda for debate in Kenya. Issues concerning politics directly impact people's ...
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Sunday Live with Julie Gichuru is a weekly prime time news program with a difference. It brings together top reporters, analysts and newsmakers for complete ...
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Machachari is a children comedy/ adventure series that depicts the friendship between Govi, Baha and Stella who live in the ghetto neighbouring the suburban estate ...
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An action packed high school drama, full of intrigue, love, infighting as well as the usual battle of the sexes.
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Inspekta Mwala is a police comedy which revolves around a short policeman who is always on the run to maintain the rule of law and ...
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The Sixth Edition of East Africa’s biggest singing contest is back! Tusker Project Fame Season six kicks off on Sunday 13th October 2013 exclusively on ...
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Shamba Shape Up is the third “edu-tainment” production created by Mediae, and the first of its kind in Kenya. Aimed at East Africa’s rapidly growing ...
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Citizen Late Night News
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Power Breakfast Show
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Citizen At 1
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News Updates
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Citizen Alasiri
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Mseto East Africa
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News Updates
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Sacrificio De Mujer
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Citizen Nipashe
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Papa Shirandula
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Live At 9