About the Show
Machachari is a children comedy/ adventure series that depicts the friendship between Govi, Baha and Stella who live in the ghetto neighbouring the suburban estate where their friends Almasi, Joy and Fatso live in.Theirs is a friendship that transcends society's divide of the rich and poor.The story also follows the adventures of our main heroes as they tackle their respective school and home lives with occasional assistance from their 'go- to' adults; Ma dvd- the ghetto clown and Sofia- Almasi's home house help and Ma dvd's girlfriend.Through their adventures we get to see children's impact on family and society as a whole.  

Last born child of Akoto and Monique.
She is in class two/three.
Always wants to hang out with her big brother.
Loves animals, she has/had a pet rabbit once that everyone wanted to get rid of.
Like most girls, she likes wearing pretty dressed and playing with her mother's make up.
She likes to get her own way; if she wants ice cream and Sofia says no, she usually threatens to tell on her to her parents about ma dvd.
Always fighting with fatso when he is around- fatso doesn't like hanging out with her.
She doesn't mind hanging out with the ghetto brothers.

His name is Norman but all the kids call him Fatso for obvious reasons.
Lives in a blended family; his other remarried to Tommy's father. Pet was born later on.
Goes to the same school with joy and Almasi.
He is ungratefull; because he easily forgets the good deeds akina govi have done for him and turns on them.
He doesn't like hanging out with akina Govi but often does because of Almasi.
He is a good dancer and usually partners with Almasi when they have dancing competitions in their school.
He likes eating alot. Glutton.
His step father is in the army and rarely there.
His mother, like almasi's parents, works all the time.

A ghetto hustler. He owns a two toilets that he charges for guys to use. He is also a broker.
Friends with coaches.
He is the go to guy for the group of children when they need saving.
He courts Sofia.
He sells Dvds. Hence Ma dvd.
He is non forgiving as a business person; he goes after Cinderella for the debt she owes him.
He is trust worthy because Pamela sometimes leaves him to take care of akina Govi.
He is very strict and stingy. Like when he was taking the kids to town with sofia, he refused for them to go with a taxi although they had the money.
He is a dreamer- dreams to one day own a house like the akoto's.
He usually goes to hang out at the akoto's when the parents are not around.
He sells dvds all over the place- even in the rich estate.
He is always almost caught by the akoto couple but get away just in time.

Househelp to the akoto's.
Also a trained hair dresser with aspirations of opening her own salon.
She is more like a big sister to Almasi and Joy. She was always there for them even if it required covering up for them
She is scared of Monique.
Dates/ courtship with ma dvd.
Strict although undermined by the kids because she also has a secret that she wouldn't want Akoto and Monique to find out- Ma dvd.

Wife to Akoto.
Mother to Almasi and Joy.
A business woman. Travels around to but stuff to sell like jewelery, clothes and other accesories.
Very strict.
A good mother; we see her helping Joy out with her homework.
She is compassionate; we see her asking Mzee kobe about his wealth and insisting he doesn't work because he does not feel well.

Wife to Coaches.
Mother to Baha, Govi and Millie.
Runs a kiosk where she sells groceries.
The disciplinarian. Very strict.
King hearted, she always helps Stella out.
She is hard working.
 A responcible mother; when she finds out Baha had a parents meeting at school that he didn't tell her about- she goes and finds him there.
Supervises their school work.
Buys her children good clothes. Allows them to go out for entertainment- like when she allowed them to go to town with ma dvd.

Baha is the first born son of Coaches and Pamela. A lower class ghetto family.
He is in class five.
He is older brother to Govi and a small sister.
Trouble is second nature to him. He is the kind of boy that would refuse to go to school in the morning claiming that he is doing it to help his parents save on school expenses.
He would also miss giving his parents a report from school knowing that it is bad so as to stay out of trouble, but ofcourse; trouble always catches up with him and it always ends with him crying out for help from majirani as he receives a beating from his mother.
He is a glutton when it comes to food; he enjoys going over to akina Almasi's because he knows there he will eat snacks such as biscuits, popcorns, crisps,  juice...
He doesn't like being pushed around which always gets him in trouble with the bully Fatso.
He is a bit selfish. For example; he was reluctant to part with his savings when ma dvd threatened to to take stella to jail if her mother didn't show up and pay the debt she owes him.
He loves football and wants to in the future play in his father's soccer team.
He is not a good dancer although that doesn't top him from trying.
Very argumentative, always arguing with his brother and sometimes argues with his mother to give them more time to play.
Always the last to get onboard when the other kids have a plan like pimping ma dvd's house when sofia was coming to visit.
He is a spoiler.
A poor student.
Kind of lazy because he lets his smaller brother do all the hard work.
He doesn't know how to swim; almost drowned when almasi tried to teach him.
He is not afraid to try. For example; dancing.
He is good at business, although takes advantage. For example, he sold bananas to almasi for more than the price. He knows how to identify a good b/s opportunity.

He is the second born son of Coaches and Pamela.
He is in class four.
He also loves football.
He keeps his brother in check.
He is the good boy, always avoids trouble.
Only gets in trouble but when his brother is the master mind.
He is very compassionate especially to Stella.
He is an average student.
Argumentative- fights alot with his brother.
He is not as agressive as his brother which is a point his brother never forgets to point out.
He is very responcible. He almost lost his new pair of shoes while playing outside akina almasi and this made him cry.
He doesn't like interacting with fatso- none of them do.
He is reliable( never lets you down)

Daughter and only child of Cinderella and Makish who are both drunks.
She is very bright in school, constantly number one with good marks but her achievements are lost to her parents.
She is the one who helps out the other children with their school work.
She is neglected by her parents, most of the time she is left without food, Pamela is the one who looks out for her.
She is neat- thats why she was crying that her uniform is all torn.
She is responcible- we always see her doing laundry and washing dishes.
She plays football with the boys.
She is the only one fatso likes and she knows how to talk to him.
She, together with the rest of the gang, is very resourceful. They presented there complaints about the bar to the chief.
She is not proud, the other kids team up to collect money and buy her a new school uniform.
She is always embarassed by her mother, she prefers to go to school functions with Pamela but it is nt allowed.
She is very forgiving- not angry at her mother for the stuff she puts her through.
She is hardworking and helpful. She cooks for the boys most of the times when they are left to cook. She helps out at the kiosk.
She is the most reasonable of the whole group, her reasoning is what always give them a way out of any fix they find themselves in.
She is put though alot by her mother;
•    She is locked out.
•    Made to sell njugus in a bar.
•    Embarrased because her mother owes everyone money- especially Ma dvd.
But regardless it all, she comes through with a heartwarming smile because of the efforts of her good friends.

Almasi Akoto, first born son of Monique and Akoto. Big brother to Joy.
He is in class six. An average student.
He likes his friends alot and puts them first.
He is a first thinker which always helps the group when they are in trouble.
He gets along with his sister most of the time but when he is under pressure she- Joy irritates him easily.
Always ready to help out, comes up with the idea to fundraise for Stella to get her a new uniform.
Fatso and him are neighbours.
He tolerates Fatso because they are neighbours, they go to the same school and fatso always plays it safe with Almasi( he doesn't bully him)
Almasi likes Pet- Fatso's sister who he nicknamed Flower!
He is usually disappoited because his parents are never there.
He keeps his ghetto friends a secret because he knows they won't understand.
He is very accomodative; always brings his friends around to play playstation, even invites them over for sleepovers.
He is close to Sofia, there househelp. She knows about his friends and always covers up for him just like almasi and joy cover up for her.
He likes doing stuff for akina govi; like inviting them to go out to town.



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